Victoria Junior and Senior High School Rugby All-Stars Selected

The second annual Victoria Rugby All-Stars Selections shows the continued depth of rugby currently displayed at our Greater Victoria high schools. Three Victoria teams, GNS, Oak Bay and SMUS head to provincials starting Wednesday May 27th after winning their first round games of provincial competition this past weekend.

“The Commissioner’s 15 Rugby All-Stars was developed to help us recognize boys playing rugby at schools across our city” said Phil Ohl, Tide Rugby Board member and head coach of the Claremont rugby program. “We wanted to ensure that every school playing rugby had an opportunity to recognize players on their team.”

Each of the coaches of the senior and junior rugby teams puts forward names for the All-Star teams, who then receive a t-shirt and an invitation to attend the upcoming Tide Rugby trials. Teams in the U15 through U18 level will compete at the Provincial Regional Competition (PRCs) this summer. Many will then have the potential to be invited to trials for Provincial teams.

“The All-Star program is a great first step in identifying talent” stated Doug Tate, U17 Tide Assistant Coach and UVic Head Rugby Coach. “PRCs is a great place for coaches like myself to identify potential athletes for all levels of competition, including university, provincials and nationals. The All-Stars bring out those boys who may not have known about these rugby opportunities.”

The Junior Tide Rugby program has a long-standing tradition of putting boys and girls on both the provincial and national teams. Last summer, many of the All-Stars went on to play Junior Tide rugby with great success. For example, from the Tide U16 boy’s team, over half made one of two BC U16 teams, and from there nine of the south island boys went on to compete with the Canada U17 team. A great representation from the south Island.

The Tide Junior Program represents athletes from the lower island selected to compete in U18, U17, U16 and U15 Provincial Regional Championships.  The PRC Tournaments will take place at Burnaby Lake this year.  The U15 boys, U16 boys and U16 girls teams compete June 27-28, with the U17 boys, U18 boys and U18 girls competing July 4-5, 2015.

Please see below for full list of All-Stars.

Greater Victoria High School RugbyAll-Stars 2015

Senior High School All-Stars

School: Name: Grade Position:
Esquimalt Ethan Phillips 12 #9
Esquimalt Ritthy Chau 12 #2/12
Edward Milne Charlie Richardson #10
Edward Milne Abraham Lamontagne #8
Spectrum Tye Oryschak 11 #8
Spectrum Tyler Pettepiece 12 #12
Belmont Kolton Henderson 12 #3
Belmont Keaton Clarke 12 #8/7
GNS Cameron Graham 12 #8
GNS Brennig Prevost 11 #10
Claremont Andrew Birch 12 #8
Claremont Anton Nygongo 12 #15/14
Oak Bay Carter White 11 #1/2
Oak Bay Jonah Hall 11 #8, 12
Vic High Kevin Widderch
Vic High Paris Demers
Reynolds Drew Simpson 12 #9/7
Reynolds Sheldon Dawson- Samuel 11 #1/7
SMUS Josh Graffi 11 #7
SMUS Myles Duncan 11 #6

Note: Stelly’s did play in the league but did not submit names

Senior Division Honourable Mentions

Esquimalt Jonathan Walker
Esquimalt Dakota Lachance 12
Claremont Logan Martin-Feek 11 #10/12
Claremont Sean Currie 11 #12/7
Claremont Joe Brady 11 #2/6
Claremont Guy Cullen 12 #9/13
Oak Bay Brayden Tate 11 9
Oak Bay Callum Masterton 11 4
Oak Bay Brandon Schellenberger 11 13
Oak Bay Gavin Kratz 11 8
SMUS Aidan Cole 11 #3
SMUS Jonas Robinson 11 #9
SMUS Mitch Newman 12 #12/13

Junior High School All-Stars

SMUS Bryce Forbes 10 #2
SMUS Bryn Haydock 10 #8
SMUS Jasper Bosley 10 #10
SMUS Felix Butterfield 10 #13
SMUS Jonothan Sudul 10 #7
Spectrum Scotty Gordon 9 #2
Spectrum Nic Lockwood 9 #11/14
Belmont Jullian Foggitt 10 #12/13
Belmont Connor Klatt 10 #2
Oak Bay David Carson 10 #8
Oak Bay Nick Carson 9 #4/6
Oak Bay Robbie Alberto 10 #1
Oak Bay Lachlan Kratz 9 #10
Oak Bay Devin Fennerty 9 #13
Claremont Jai Pereira 10 #13
Claremont Connor Best 10 #12
Claremont Adam Jay 9 #1
Claremont Gareth Sander 9 #10
Claremont Kylan Barbon 10 #11/15
Reynolds Evan Boothroyd 9 #12/13
Reynolds Hector Jardine 9 #10

Junior Division Honourable Mentions

Oak Bay Ben Kinahan 10 #6
Oak Bay Logan Airey 10 #11
Claremont Ari Stevens 9 #9
Claremont Mason McAdams 9 #7
Claremont Ethan Agar 9 #14/15/10
SMUS Donnovan Sturdy 10 #9
SMUS Sam Kahn 10 #9/7
SMUS Max Freund 10 #3

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