Sponsorship Opportunities

2015 – South Island Jr. Tide Rugby Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunity

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Enjoy sports? Are you looking to support young athletes participating in healthy and productive activities? The South Vancouver Island Jr. Tide Representative Rugby Program is interested in being your link to the community by way of sponsorship advertising during our 2015 summer competitions.

Why advertising? 

  • Advertising by business name or logo is a relatively easy and effective marketing platform in which to reach out to prospective users of your services.

Who will it reach?

  • Your business name or logo placement will directly reach 100+ families involved in Tide Rugby during the 2015 season.       Your advertising will also be seen by those attending summer competitions both on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. We anticipate a significant increase to local media coverage due to our media outreach program. Lastly, players and supporters keep their gear which ensures ongoing exposure of your business.
  • With the growth experienced in the women’s game, we have identified the need and are creating a women’s Tide Rep Team, providing a new and exciting opportunity for expanded interest in the community.

Why sponsor this group?

  • The Tide Rugby Program promotes values that are traditional to Rugby Football and are values we espouse in life generally – Excellence, Fairness, Integrity, Mutual Respect and Responsibility. We believe your Business will be well represented by a group of young athletes promoting this ethos.

Giving Back to the Community:

  • Our Tide Teams will be participating in a beach clean-up day as a way to say thank you for all the community support given to the athletes and Tide Rugby program.

If interested in this opportunity, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yours truly,

Kevin Hall

South Island Jr. Tide Rugby

Fundraising Coordinator

(e) kevinrhall@shaw.ca

(c) 250-413-7795


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